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Like a Demon: Bound

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Like a Demon: Trois

Galatea has always been her brother’s savior. The Aurele twins have always been there for one another, even through the most extreme of circumstances. With Cy now under Cervantes’ spell, she will need more than her mortal love for him in order to save his humanity. Can Cee and his demonic forces offer the protection they need to survive the danger to come?

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Like a Demon: Game of Seduction

Galatea and Cy Aurele are neck deep in trouble. When Cy becomes intertwined with the mysterious Cervantes, Galatea must find a way to save him without losing herself.

Book Two of the Like a Demon Series enters even deeper into a world of sex and mystery following the Aurele twins as they struggle against forces they don't understand and passions they have no hope of resisting.

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Like a Demon: The Strange Case of Rebecca Prosper

Galatea is stunningly beautiful, fiercely intelligent and the best private detective in New Orleans. With her brother at her side, it seems that her new business can't go anywhere but up...until trouble comes right up to her front door.

Enter Cee. Handsome, successful, and mysterious. When he shows up on her doorstep as she tries to solve a case surrounding the strange death of a client, she finds it hard to keep her mind on her job. Cee is her match in every way, especially in the bedroom.

As their romance blossoms, a sinister wind blows in and encircles her. Something from the darkness watches and waits, lusting after her. As Galatea falls under Cee's irresistible spell, she begins to uncover pieces of a darker world...

Get ready for a sexy thriller unlike anything you've ever experienced. Enter the Strange Case of Rebecca Prosper, the first book in Roxanne Rue's Like a Demon series, and enter a world of mystery, intrigue, and unimaginable passion.